How To Behave When Man-Flu Hits

It's that time of year when you and I are about to get reacquainted. I see that look of fear in your eyes, although personally, I consider that as a sign of respect. After all, I am not your usual run-of-the-mill kind of ailment. Naysayers will be quick to tell you that no one has ever died because of me, but I have my own reasons to say that science is perhaps lying. If we dig up the real numbers, I'm sure thousands of men around the world have succumbed after I've had my way with them.

Oh Summer, There Are So Many Reasons To Hate You

That wonderful time of year when your electricity bills are higher than your monthly EMI; that time when you contemplate cooking eggs on the pavement rather than the stove; and also the time when you feel like using oven-mitts just to handle the car's flaming hot steering wheel. Yes, the glorious sweltering, make-your-clothes-stick-to-your-body summer is here. And it's just the beginning. As you've probably gathered, I am not a big fan (pardon the pun).

Guys, Must You Really Squeeze Into Skinny Jeans?

I'd have to be crazy not to agree with the great man. From baggy flares to flashy boot-cuts and I-can-see-your-coin-slot ones to ripped pairs that cost more than regular ones -- the world of jeans has embraced a lot of styles. However what Armani may have conveniently forgotten is that sometimes democracy leads us to make choices that are sometimes very... let's say, questionable. Some may call it evolution, but seeing some of these trends, I can only call it a severe case of "What the heck were they thinking?"

A Serious Case Of Loyalitis

The other day, I was stuck in line behind this elegantly dressed middle-aged lady, at the supermarket. After playing peeping Tom with the lavish selection of items she had placed on the conveyor belt, I waited for her to pay. I have a bone to pick with people who don't follow the 10-items-or-less rule at the checkout. The notice is right there and it's there for a reason. And you have a place reserved in hell for not sticking to that rule.

Deodorant Ads: A Lot Of Hot Air

Sometimes, I lie awake late at night, wondering if my underarms are pristine. Or about how many women I'll be able to attract the next day. Confused? So am I. But that's what some of the deodorant adverts -- with their over-the-top humour and promises of aphrodisiacal effects on women -- seem to think occupies a large part of our brain activity. Deodorants are cosmetic products that almost every man or woman will (or rather need to) buy.

Those Damned Low-Rise Jeans

Fashion is such a beautifully weird thing. And I speak with all the authority of someone who spent hours watching Fashion TV when it first launched. Of course, I must confess that this had less to do with fashion and everything to do with the gorgeous models and skimpy clothing. That aside, fashion choices do not always make sense to me. Yes, you need to look presentable. But somehow, I doubt walking into an interview in a crisp, new suit with a cowboy hat (as they sometimes demonstrate on these fashion shows) will get you that job. Unless you're interviewing for the position of 'Head Trainer' at a ranch maybe.

I don't know how she does it!

Yes, she is pretty darn efficient. Looking at the list, I couldn’t help but wonder – How difficult could it really be?
 I was just about to find out the answer to my question.
 I am quite a hands-on father. But I confess, my morning duties with my son are largely restricted to packing his bag, combing his hair (which is one of the toughest things ever) and taking him downstairs to wait for the school mini van. Collectively that takes, say, fifteen minutes at most. Yet, I complain. I complain because every time I put stuff in his bag, he deems it necessary to pull something else out. I complain because every time I lay the comb on his hair, he wiggles his body like jelly. I complain because when I take him downstairs, he is running around in circles and jumping up and down the steps instead of waiting quietly. And when I return from this fifteen-minute trip, which to me often feels like an hour, I often spend the next ten minutes complaining to my wife, that everything is so difficult and that I need a break.