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Those initial years are very precious for fathers to lay the foundation for a life-long bonding with their babies. Read on for some fun ways to build a beautiful and everlasting bond with your baby. After my son was born, the question often posed to me was, “How does it feel to be a father?” Truth is that I didn’t know. I hadn’t really given it much thought as it was one of those experiences that did not have single-sentence definitions. Becoming a father had evoked mixed emotions. On the one h

6 life lessons I learned from my toddler

I stood back and watched him lazily amble towards the centre of the large sandbox with his toys in tow. He briefly tripped on a large, stray pebble and immediately my €œdaddy€ senses started to tingle. If I was Spiderman, I’d have shot out some of the miraculous web-like structure from my wrists and supported him. But alas, I a€™m a mere mortal and a slight gasp escaped my parted lips as I watched him stumble onto the playground pavement €”bucket and all.

Parenting Teens: Atm Vs Attention

Ah, the teenage years – the short transitional phase during which youngsters age by 5-6 years and their parents by 30 years or so! These are the years of spontaneous emotional outbursts, rolling of eyes and general distrust, and, of course, wanting to time-travel to another decade. And I’m just talking about parents here! Granted, the teenage years are highly confusing for the youngster but they are as baffling for parents for whom it is like sitting blindfolded on a roller-coaster ride. You may think you are prepared for those sharp dips and turns, but at the end of it all, you really don’t know what to expect.

Choosing a playschool for your child? Don't overlook these key factors

The first time I heard that question was when my son was 16 months old. We had just relocated to India and were trying to find our feet. With my decision to change careers and the chaos that goes hand-in-hand with inter-country transfers, finding a playschool for our toddler was the last thing on our minds. But the question kept presenting itself. At one point, we began suspecting the intentions of the inquirers. Were these kind people genuinely concerned about our toddler's wellbeing?

Competitive parents and how they're making it difficult for kids and parents

Competition is here to stay, by the looks of it and it’s not among the kids, unfortunately. One father shines a spotlight on the phenomenon. I’ve said it before. Having a kid changes your ‘life as you know it’. Whether it’s good or bad (or both) – I’ll leave it to each one to find out for themselves, but nobody will deny that the change is inevitable. Let’s look at this very simple thing – fears/worries. All of us have our own list (or in my case, a whole diary) of scenarios that make us uncomfortable and often worried or even scared. Now, once you become a parent and your kid moves into that precious ‘toddler age’ – there are certain ‘fears or worries’ that take precedent over your previous ones. No, the older ones don’t go away. These merely, and slowly, move up the ladder and displace them temporarily.

Help! He's Playing With Dolls!

I don't think it is in my nature to be confrontational. Unless it is with my parents or people who I know very well, I don't usually pick fights or arguments, even if there's a difference of opinion. Many people call it "sitting on the fence." I don't honestly care what it's called, as long as I don't have to unnecessarily get into a zone of conflict. But sometimes, even I snap and give in to the heat of the moment. Even more rarely, I react in the moment. Like at the playground, a few weeks ago.

Day One Of 65, And I'm Already Sweating

I've been struggling with sleep for the past few nights. It arrives as expected -- like Santa Claus on Christmas -- but then it leaves quite unexpectedly, leaving me wide awake at around 3 or 4 in the morning. And, as anyone who has been awake at these hours can tell you, your thoughts start to wander aimlessly -- sort of like we might in a giant maze. The mind tries to find a solution to every imaginable problem, but succeeds in unearthing even more problems than you thought you had in the first place.

Planning a kid-friendly holiday? Take notes

My wife and I love to travel. In fact, one of the first things that we’d decided upon when we got together was that we would try and travel as much as we could. Of course, life has a strange way of throwing a spanner into that giant ‘wheel of plans’ that you make. As we sort of matured, jobs and money took on more priority and our travels considerably reduced. However we still continued to take a lot of off-beat holidays, where we discovered the real beauty of Nature. Now, if you’re wondering why I’m talking in the ‘past’, it is because I’m reminiscing about these holidays that we used to take. It should suffice to say that once we had a ‘third member’ join our team, the terms ‘holiday and vacations’ took on slightly different meanings; especially planning for them. Confused? Perhaps, I can explain with a little story.

Odd man out: Confessions of a stay-at-home dad

If I asked you to imagine a typical happy family, what is the first image that would pop into your mind? Perhaps, programmed by years of social stereotyping, we would picture the following: The breadwinner husband with a six-figured annual salary, and a smiling stay-at-home mother, who despite running after a toddler and the wailing baby strapped on her shoulders, is impeccably dressed, right from the floral frock she wears down to the gorgeous pearl set around her neck.

Has Parenting Taken Over Your Life? Don't Let It

A few weeks back, my son's school reopened after a rather prolonged Christmas break. Oh yes! If you're sensing a little excitement in my writing voice, then you're absolutely right. I am happy. In fact, I'm pretty darn ecstatic. I feel like a million bucks. Gosh, I sound mean, don't I? Do you know the biggest curve ball that life throws at us parents? School holidays! Especially when you have young kids around. Laugh all you want, but there are moments of breathlessness and fighting back tears when we get that message in the little squiggly handwriting. You know, the one that says, "The school will be shut until XYZ on the occasion of ZYX."

5 Superpowers That Every Parent Possesses

For as long as I can remember, I've been a sci-fi aficionado, with a particular affinity for superheroes/heroines. As a child, I remember dressing up in my favourite home-made superhero costume, jumping up and down on my parent's king size bed and kicking the living daylights out of imaginary villains. And I've sprained many a joint as well, throwing uncomfortable round-house kicks and falling from the high wall of my compound.

The 5 Stages Of Pregnancy And Birth -- For A Father

The road to parenthood becoming a fruitful reality is approximately 40 weeks long. Try as you may, you just cannot go above the nature-regulated speed limit. This journey, to me, is a bit like a board game. More often than not, you go from the starting point to the winner's circle on a set path, and lady luck occasionally throws you a few lucky rolls of the dice, the outcomes of which are anybody's guess. As a father, I see pregnancy as five complex yet beautiful phases.

Busted: 5 Myths About Stay-At-Home Dads

Somewhere in a deep cavern, hidden in the darkest corners of our world, exists a mysterious species. A species that over time has both adapted and evolved. They live among us and look a lot like us, going about their daily chores. You might spot them at the playground, at school drops, even mid-morning at the supermarket. With a reported number of two million members and growing (in the US alone), this mysterious species might even be considered trend-setters. But the frank reality is that they are just doing, with a few tweaks, what their better halves have been doing for thousands of years. And just like their other halves, this species too neither requires nor requests accolades or awards. All they need is some respect and to not to be judged.

Adventures of a playground dad

Sitting at my writing-table, fervently typing away on the laptop, I pretend not to hear her call. (Yes, I know what you’re all thinking – ‘You evil man!’. But wait. Hear me out, will ya?) My wife is one of the few people who still calls me by my complete official first name – i.e. Sidharth. And to be honest, since most people call me Sid, this makes it pretty special. However, there are only two times when she addresses me as ’Sid’.

Why Working Parents Shouldn't Feel Guilty

Recently I happened to speak to a friend who was all set to embrace motherhood in all its glory. The person is someone that I've known for a long time, and she loves what she does for a living. And mind you, she's pretty darn good at it. But the more we discussed parenting and how life changes after kids, the more it became evident that there was something she wasn't telling me. So, I dug a little more and coaxed her to reveal the source of her worry. As it turned out, while she was ecstatic ab

Why Hope Springs Eternal For A Parent

We've all wished for things, regardless of whether or not we're believers in powers from above. Sometimes it is for material objects like a new car, a new gadget, new clothes, new jewellery or the likes. Other times, it is for intangible things like a happy and stress-free life (apparently they exist!), your kids and parents being happy and healthy and so on. The remarkable thing about wishes is that as we progress through each stage of our lives, they tend to change quite dramatically.

Let Me Tell You How 'It' Feels

When I became a father, a few male friends asked me a question. A question, I must confess, I just hadn't thought about. It might also be worth pointing out that these friends were largely unmarried twenty-something men who were in semi-serious relationships. That question was: "How does it feel?" The first time I was asked this question, I was rather perplexed. Was my friend referring to the timely procreative act that had successfully borne fruit? Or the nearly out-of-body experience of helpi