When his in-laws showed him the true soul of Diwali

But it'€™s our first Diwali. Her usually mellow tone altered. The conversation ended with me booking premium priced air tickets to India. Actually, I wasn't too keen. For starters, I grew up outside India. Second, being from Kerala, we didn't celebrate it with as much pomp and splendour as we did Onam or Vishu. Besides, my wife is from a rather conservative Tam-Bram family in Chennai. I was not a Tam-Bram, and therefore unfamiliar with their customs and rituals.

My wife is the main breadwinner, and I'm okay with that

Despite having similar academic degrees and almost the same amount of work experience, I a€™m honoured to loudly state for the record that for as long as I can remember, my wife has always earned more money than I have. And except for the fact that I'€™ve had to occasionally take loans from her, it hasn'™t perturbed me one bit. And yes, we are fiercely loyal and committed to each other. Except for when we a€™re dreaming about some of our celebrity crushes, perhaps.